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It's fairly safe to say that most of us won't have the chance to ride a unicorn in real life, yes? Even if unicorns weren't magical, mythical creatures that tend to stick close to their magical, mythical universes, they're probably really hard to catch, let alone ride. Luckily, an equally magical and very orgasmic option exists in our universe - The Unicorn Premium Riding Sex Machine!

Sophisticated and powerfully playful, this premium pleasure tool completely redefines the world of hands-free stimulation. The Unicorn's totally unique, rainbow-y design is specifically meant to mounted. Atop a sturdy padded shape, one of two silicone attachments - a swirly, sparkly penetrator and a flat, super-textured surface stimulator- slip into place over a springy or firm stem. Pick your favorite and ride on!

Buzzing and throbbing at six possible vibration patterns (up to 1200 RPM) plus low to high variations of 360 degree swiveling rotation, The Unicorn's ride can be customized just right using either a corded remote or smartphone app. Compatible with the free FEELME app, The Unicorn can be controlled wirelessly from up up to 30' (10m) away or over a much longer distance using two paired devices and a Bluetooth connection. Full instructions for app use are included. Please note that the wired remote needs to be disconnected in order for the app to work.

When things get rowdy - and they almost definitely will - you'll love the included slip free, liquid-proof floor mat. Just place it under your Unicorn before playtime, and it'll help keep your floor clean while absorbing vibrations to reduce noise. Speaking of rowdiness, a rainbow flogger is also included.

Powered by good ol' electricity, there's never a worry about a charge dying mid-ecstasy - The Unicorn plugs into any available socket just about  anywhere- a handful of country-specific adapters are included. Speaking of travel, sturdy handles on either side of The Unicorn make for easy position shifts and location changes.

In body safe high end materials, The Unicorn's body can be wiped down using a good toy care fluid after use. Both silky silicone attachments should be scrubbed well under warm soapy water before and after use. Use only a favorite water-based lube with the silicone attachments and please avoid contact with silicone lubes and formulas. Pictured phone not included.

Unicorn Sex Machine

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