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Blow more than just your mind with the Maxtasy Suction Master Warming Vibrating Masturbator!

This elite sex toy for men is sure to take your breath away with a thrilling combination of suction, warming, and vibration sensations! It comes packed with dual vibrating motors on the left and right interior sides of the housing case, radiating 10 modes of vibrating around your tip and frenulum. Meanwhile, the globally patented super suction pulses and sucks in another 10 patterns as the warming function heats the sleeve to a realistic inside-the-mouth body temperature in just 60 seconds! Each function is independently controllable, giving you 200 possibilities to explore as you customise the perfect blowjob experience that'll leave you weak at the knees...

The Maxtasy Suction Master comes equipped with a supple TPE sleeve that has a realistically sculpted mouth design, followed by a tight, smooth throat canal that pairs well with water-based lubricant for a slick, saliva-like feel. The whole thing is packaged in an ergonomically contoured housing case with a grooved texture for a secure grip as you hold this toy in place. Top up your Suction Master's power with the included USB charging cable and enjoy yourself endlessly!


  • 10 powerful suction patterns to emulate the sensations of oral sex
  • Dual 10-mode vibrating motors on the left & right sides of your penis head
  • Warms up to a realistic inside-the-mouth body temperature in 60 seconds
  • Independently controllable functions for 200 ways to customise a perfect BJ
  • Realistic mouth sleeve with a tight, smooth throat canal
  • Easy-to-use 3-button control panel for simple operation

Suction Master

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