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For the Size Queen™ inside all of us, we are pleased to introduce one of our most delectable products: The 6-Inch Size Queen™.

With a firm, life-like feel, you won't be able to distinguish this from the real thing-- and that's exactly what we are aiming for. With a realistic head and veins, a 6 inch (16.25cm) long shaft, and an overall length of 8 inches (20.25cm), our 6-inch Size Queen™ delivers more than the name implies.

Take it all in, from the flexible shaft to all of the lifelike features. The sturdy suction-cup base will allow you endless hours of enjoyment while mounted to any non-porous surface. To make things even better? The 6-inch Size Queen™ is fits most harnesses.

The flex and bends mimics that of its natural human counterpart: Exactly what your body was built for.

Embrace the Size Queen™ in yourself and hop on board. It's going to be a fun ride.

Size Queen 6in

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