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The RingO is a super-stretchy gel erection ring designed to give him a fuller, firmer erection and keep him harder longer, which leads to the kind of intense orgasm he dreams about. Made of hygienically superior silicone, the RingO helps prevent premature ejaculation while stretching comfortably to fit members of all sizes. Fuller, firmer erections! More intense orgasmic experience! Stay harder longer. Helps control premature ejaculation! Made of hygienically superior silicone material! Stretches to fit all for a snug, yet comfortable fit. Assorted colors: Red, Gray, Blue. Please note this in an individual item. Upon shipment, you will receive the quantity specified in your order. This product number does not reflect all three items pictured. Photographs containing all three variations of this product are used for the sole purpose of showing the consumer all colors available. Cock rings when worn around the base of the penis and testicles, many users find that cock rings increase sexual pleasure. Prolong rings, erection enhancement, climax control rings, cock rings.


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