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Adding comfort and fantasy-worthy weightlessness to some of the more creative compromising positions, Whip Smart's user friendly Door Swing installs in literal seconds, turning any doorway into your personal sex playground. 

Over-top of the chosen door, place the acrylic-ended main straps, close and lock the door, and that's it! Soft padded thigh straps and padded grip handles can be adjusted to the ideal height quickly, making it easier for you or your partner to lift and position legs and hips just right. You'll also get lots of added leverage no matter what the position.

The Door Swing is meant to help support weight during sexy-time and provide some exciting positioning control- it's not meant to be used as a suspension device, and shouldn't be used alone, nor should it be used to support more than one person. Suggested weight max is 200lbs (90.7kg).

Door Swing

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