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Take full charge of your intimate pleasure with the Chrome Hand Cuffs. The realistic heavy-duty cuffs let you lock up your lover until you are ready to be fully satisfied. The versatile cuffs are great for imaginative and wild erotic play and perfect for mild BDSM exploration. For maximize enjoyment always use a safe word during play.

The cuffs are made from non-tarnishing, nickel-free, chromed steel and feature a safety release for safe play. They measure 2.6”/7 cm in diameter and are attached to a heavy-duty chain. Slip the cuffs over your lover’s wrists and restrain the pleasure for prolonged ecstasy. Two keys are provided to ensure your lover’s release. Use your imagination and explore unlimited sensuous possibilities and erotic kinky fun. The cuffs can be used for wrist-to-wrist restriction, or to attach your lover’s wrist to the bedpost.

Play out your wildest dreams and fantasies. The easy to use, comfortable to wear cuffs make a great addition to an exotic toy collection, and are suitable for first-time and experienced users. Take turns controlling the intimate play, by swapping roles and handing over the handcuffing duty. While wearing the cuffs your senses will naturally be heightened due to the restricted movement of your hands. Enjoy prolonged foreplay arousal and intensified orgasmic stimulation, as you lie back and let your lover take the control.

  • Heavy duty, nickel-free, non-tarnishing cuffs with safety release and 2 keys
  • Chromed steel
  • 2.6”/7 cm (diameter)


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