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The Betty's Jelly Bumble Bee™ is the ultimate super-soft strap on cock. Orgasm as nature intended, with the lifelike dildo. This is a strap-on like no other, withmulti-speed vibrating action from the penis and clitoral stimulator.

The dildo vibrates, so you’re getting multiple levels of stimulation to go alongside your multiple orgasms. The head of the penis vibrates to stimulate every nerve, both inside and out. The base has a clitoral stimulator, so the person wearing the Betty's Jelly Bumble Bee™ gets total satisfaction too!

The penis of the strap-on comes in at a generous 7.5 inches long for complete satisfaction. Plus, the straps are easily adjustable so they will fit no matter what your shape or size.

We recommend using the Betty's Jelly Bumble Bee™ strap-on with aquality lube for added enjoyment.

Bumble Bee

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