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Slide this incredibly sensual and feminine arouser inside you and get ready to lose yourself in powerful pleasure. This beautiful, petite Amethyst Arouser features a smaller shaft that’s perfect for those looking to delve into the world of pleasurefor the first time…or those who prefer something smaller without sacrificing power.

Its penis-shaped head hides a heavenly-textured surprise: there’s a fully-crafted face whose features provide incredible extra stimulation as you grind against the head. Once you’ve found the spot inside you that drives you wild, rest the soft teaser on your clitoris and power up, then let yourself be swept away by intense vibrations and amazing sensations inside and out.

This superior quality stimulator features a dual-tongued clitoral stimulator. Don’t let its cuteness fool you: this tongue knows how to tickle, tease, and please you to earthshattering orgasms. Use one stimulator at once or immerse yourself totally in sensation. The dual stimulator gives you the freedom that you need to hit just the right spots for you.

The arouser is covered head to base in delicate details that add wonderful texture and maximize your pleasure. Raised details are ready to add just the right amount of pressure and added sensitivity you need to get you there in no time.

The dual massager features powerful single speed vibration with an easy on/off switch on the end cap. To get started, just insert 2AAA batteries, and you’ll be ready to play. Indulge in the heavenly world of simultaneous stimulation!

  • Superior quality, amazingly powerful stimulator with dual tongued arouser
  • Single speed with on/off switch
  • PVC (stimulator) ABS (cap)
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • 3”x 1.5”/ 7.7 cm x 3.75 cm (insertable)
  • 1.25”x .75”/ 3.25 cm x 2 cm (arouser)

Amethyst Arouser

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